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About Notes and Daniel Spoerri

The subtitle of NOTES; “An anecdotal topography of chance” is a direct reference of the book by Daniel Spoerri with the same title.

An Anecdotal Topography of Chance was born “In 1962 after a conversation with the poet Robert Filliou, Fluxus artist Daniel Spoerri mapped the objects lying at random on the table in his room, adding a rigorously scientific description of each. These objects subsequently evoked associations, memories, anecdotes; not only from the original author, but from his friends as well: a beguiling creation was born. Many of the principal participants of FLUXUS make an appearance (and texts by Higgins, Jouffroy, Kaprow, Restany, and Tinguely are included, among others). It is a novel of digressions in the manner of Tristram Shandy or Robbe-Grillet; it’s a game, a poem, an encyclopaedia, a cabinet of wonders: a celebration of friendship and creativity.”

Daniel Spoerri (born in Romania) is a Swiss artist, performer, writer and later restaurant manager. Here are some of his “snare pictures” and a extract of the book that has been so inspiring for us in the conception of this blog.