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Turbine Cowboy

Nestled between green patches of ocotillo, creosote and barrel cacti, high above at 300 feet, he could hear his grandmother, “mijo, just be careful, please!”  

“Sí abuelita!” 

How many years had past since he heard her voice, since she last spoke, before the aneurysm, before her stroke, before—Neural Housekeeping at Hotel Dieu—death?


HAWT (horizontal axis wind turbine/λ = blade tip speed/wind speed/turbine cowboy)

ET (external tank) / de Laval nozzle (inertial oscillations)

bell (soleri)

prog·e·ny (gæl/grace)

Where I am has no location in space and time, by saying,  “I am”, I’m not referring to the body/mind. I am referring to the awareness in which my body/mind is a changing experience—California is a human construct. ¿Califas?
I live non-locally, but my physical body is in California at the moment.