blue con·struc·tion paper

Walking in a daze, a blotter of tectonic plates shift underneath my feet.

In an instant, a piercing hum resonates and a wall of sound snaps creating a vacuum, the sun shifts, sine waves on a still lake—light and shadow—vibrating grains of sand glint off a green prismatic horizon—an acid valley full of desert faults.

Colored heads float on a sandy shore with green neon, cath·ode imagery.

An atlas sky, a lab assistant, a collection of animals made from blue construction paper, as scissors cut tiny hands with crooked angles, where they shake and dance.

Thee master of ceremonies (without make-up) speaking in tongues, anecdotal desert stories, stereo modulation, Doppler shift and regret.

Hubble masses gather under a dotted sky of signing constellations.






Author: Jesus Julian Arteaga

myopic, æsthete, (1/2) parental-unit, eunuch engineer ▲ bib·li·o·phile