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i’m interested in the idea of ‘one thing leads to another’ & what the mind snaps to memory in an instant—tiling, in succession, all of those instances together to create a mini-portrait of collective art. the path the mind takes when one provocative image incites yet another, and what(?), is a sort of voyeuristic peep—in, not only through the endless open cell-windows, but on one’s self in terms of what we are lured by. it’s also a sort of commentary on how we’ve all become a part of a grid-like consciousness, a virtual memory—both false & true—where time, image, and content are the algorithm—a steady stream of squared-life-data…and is it random? or are we subconsciously (and maybe artfully) guided by what we want next…color-by-number or collage? both create a/the larger picture—but is it theirs or ours? do we choose our own paths of digestion or is it ‘figured’ for us? nevertheless, we appear hungry for the feed and we ‘like’ it.







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Author: Ranessa Allen

Ranessa is into texture, tetris, smell y memoria. practices palabracadabra to a hybrid degree & suffers from acute aural fixation, non-freudal. girl boys & boy girls are kin. she was named after the Renaissance (rebirth) when her mother's belly met with the hand of a fortune teller who forecast she would give birth to herself, recycled. she thought 'Ranessa' sounded close enough. sentimental, puro pisces. she takes life medium rare.