Plan for a Poem, #1

I plan to write a poem about how, after many years in New York, having masturbated all my urban desires to satisfaction, it occurred to that I now rarely do new things.

So I go for a walk and think about how to change that.

I decide that I must do something new, everyday, that I’ve never done before; to add to the list of urban experiences of New York, lest that list stop growing. And to refresh my perspective.

The first day, I decide to deliberately step
in Dog Poo.

And it is liberating…

(The poem would be a short, amuse-bouche of a thing, called something
cute, like “Poo York City,” or “Metropoolis”)

Anyways, that’s my plan.


Author: James, the Lobster Man

James is a ne'er-do-well, a dandy, and a flaneur. His work has been published in The Atlantic, Harper's, the Times-Picayune, Vogue, and the Stranger. He lives in Brooklyn with his fine, fine daughter.