We will make you feel at home

How many hours, days, months or years I’ve been here?
Where is Mario?
Who are these people? I can’t see their faces.
It’s all so quiet, so white and so forgettable

I want to go back, I want to see my family, please!

it’s all in the head, it’s all inside my head.
They changed it all
They deleted all memories
But they still travel on this fragmented biological HD
Reappearing in my dreams

I know secrets, I know we’re not alone
I know you’re wrong, so wrong
It’s all wrong, it’s not like that at all

You, beautiful gigantic stingray of light
Gelatin light
With the lowest frequency of silence
hurting my ear, cancelling the noise of my screams
damn you!
I was just a boy.

When are you coming back for me?
I miss you.