‘They run quite a gamut from the Buddhists to the whores to the maniac that made that beautiful castle up there. In a way, its very much like a…its a sort of voyage, I look upon it, a voyage of ideas. We’re traveling not around the world, but my bathroom which is a little microcosm like the world.’

Henry Miller: Asleep & Awake directed by Tom Schiller

Author: Ranessa Allen

Ranessa is into texture, tetris, smell y memoria. practices palabracadabra to a hybrid degree & suffers from acute aural fixation, non-freudal. girl boys & boy girls are kin. she was named after the Renaissance (rebirth) when her mother's belly met with the hand of a fortune teller who forecast she would give birth to herself, recycled. she thought 'Ranessa' sounded close enough. sentimental, puro pisces. she takes life medium rare.